ENG Bild 1 Cuadro azul

 Cuadro azul

1986, mixed technique on canvas
300 x 250 cm
Colleción Paco Caparros, España

The Adam and Eve series marked that stage in the middle 1980s of a succession of paintings
and drawings depicting the origin of humanity, the beginning of the beginnings. In this large format
painting one can see a certain influence of the Egyptian profiles, those profiles that eternalised
the memory and captured men and women in their most pure and serene state, on a journey
that moved from the worldly to the supernatural, a way of perpetuating life beyond death.
The acrylic technique of pigments and a blue colour spectrum that recalls lapis lazuli,
so characteristic of the noble stone used by the Egyptians to sculpt their jewellery and treasures,
is mixed with pulped paper and latex, to create reliefs and half reliefs. A painting with a certain
roughness to the touch but, emotionally and symbolically, like velvet.
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