ENG Bild 4 Figuras plata

Figuras plata

mixed technique on canvas
137 x 200 cm
Colección Klaus Kramer, España

A series of paintings in a grey tonal range and silver collage where the subject forms part of a balance in space, a way of compensating for the feeling of material weight. Two figures who could represent a ¬Ďcybernetic maternity¬í or a game of inertia: a point of support, inclination, weight. At the same time the colour tones are harmonised, from the pearl grey to the intense gold, creating a metallic feeling that transports us to the future of a cloned civilisation yet to be created, a life organized by computers, beings perfectly adapted to living in zero gravity in outer space, like a flesh and blood spacecraft travelling through time and space trapping planets and civilising galaxies, a world yet to be discovered in our hearts because it is poetic to think that one day earthbound humanity could dominate the future to come.
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