ENG Bild 5 Mesa negra

Mesa negra
1986 , mixed technique on canvas, 420 x 200 cm
Colección Klaus Kramer, España
The ‘dead nature’ that we experience here is precisely that, a painting that represents the death of an accursed theme for the artists of my generation,
that of breaking with the idea of flower vases, bowls, plates and fruit carefully arranged on a table. We experience their funeral because the painting suggests the idea of a coffin where the forms are corroded by a strange kind of seasalt, like velvet, that devours the carefully placed objects. A dove in full flight over a plate catching a fish in the process of decomposition, where everactive worms macerate the pigments, giving life to death. Nothing remains in the present from that passive memory of the still-life, just a faint perfume that accompanies us to the burial and nothing of all this has anything to do with any burial of any sardine and even less with GoyaÂ’s black paintings What more do you want?
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