ENG Bild 6 El perfil de nadador



 El perfil de nadador

1986, técnica mixta sobre cartón
150 x 108 cm
Colección privada

Following the Adam and Eve series, works begin to appear which relate to the sea,
or a reflecting blue plane, which acts like a mirror inversely copying the figure situated
on the top of the horizontal plane. It is here where we can appreciate the figure
of the ¬Ďswimmer-fisherman¬í freeing himself from the oppressive blueness of a dense sea
where movement is trapped ¬Ė like the leap of a dolphin, which, in reality, flies over the top
of the waves. The textured figure is in relief using pulped paper and earth and latex pigments.
This is clearly reminiscent of the so-called ¬Ďpintura-pintura¬í developed by Barcel√≥ in the 1980s
and also derives from the Italian Trans-Avant-garde. The artist expresses his personal vision,
bringing in the graphics of his signature and the year to form part of the composition,
a game of letters and numbers that cover the space in the painting and become an integral part
of the painting itself, moving away from the idea of ¬Ďsignature¬í through pictorial graphics
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