ENG Bild 8 Mirada horizontal

La mirada horizontal

2007. Acrylic on cardboard
70 x 100 cm
Kramer Gallery , Altea/ Alicante, España

This work, dating from the end of 2007, painted in acrylic on cardboard, exhibits chromatic subtleness reduced to
its minimum expression - a faint grey spectrum recalling the colour of a diamond, blue tones resembling a sapphire
in the depths of the turquoise sea, a solitary touch of yellow reminiscent of amber - a whole world of noble materials
that share the contemplative pleasure of two shy people who, at the same time, observe us. Perhaps they are lovers
in their purest state enjoying a timid embrace that moves us. The technical process involved in the execution of the
painting is reinforced by a basic drawing that outlines the shapes to which the painting adapts itself. As the artist likes
to say , ¬ďThe painting is sustained by a cartography, or map, that leads to the treasure and spreads out within it to
express its message.¬Ē
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