ENG Bild 2 Figura orante sumisa


Figura orante sumisa

mixed tech on canvasnique
242 x 200 cm
colección privada, Monaco


The pronounced profile appears to have been forget in the slow fire of the twilight world
when the lights cease to shine and amuse themselves by passing the time stirring up
the embers of an oasis of peace at the end of the world. A funereal form that carries itself
like a flame lighting up a text that only the gods know how to translate; a spirit dancing on
a painted bonfire of incandescent colours dyed with the intense red of the blood spilled by
all the dead artists. It is as if this witches’ sabbath returns us to the childhood of our loved ones,
the eternal artists in our memory, those who knew how to pass on the love that we now have,
from the ancient artisans of the Egytian, including the primitive, eras, who didn’t know
they were artists; from the Greeks to the Italian Renaissance; from the Roman to the Gothic
and Baroque; all the styles until the present day symbolised by material and organic shadows
born from the entrails of a volcano that, emerging into the world, continues to envolve in order
to share the complete message of the artist, a human warmth expanded to include everybody.
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